laser hair removal has arrived

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our wax

We make our own and it is gorgeous. Developed exclusively for us and perfected since we opened our doors over 14 years ago, the waxes we use are nothing short of wonderful. Chamomile and shea butter wax, creamy wax and hard wax (the kind that doesn’t require strips) are all geared towards making the waxing process less painful and leaving as little redness as possible. Based on your skin, your hair type and your perference, our waxing experts will mix and match waxes to give you the best possible waxing outcome.

chamomile & shea butter wax

Our chamomile & shea butter wax calms and moisturizes your skin. It has a wonderful fragrance, goes on easy, and is removed with the use of strips.

creamy wax

The other wax we use with strips is a gentle creamy wax that is ideal for the face, underarm and bikini area. With a low melting temperature, creamy wax is applied in a thicker layer, yet removes the hair efficiently and with minimal pain.

hard wax

Hard wax is a second option for people with extremely sensitive skin. Used only on the face and bikini, hard wax goes on thicker, takes a little time to dry, and is removed without the use of strips. Please let us know if you would like to use hard wax when you book your appointment.

insider information:

Wax is primarily made from rosin. Most rosin comes from Latin America or Asia and is derived from pine trees. It ranges in color from yellow to black. It is NOT blue, pink or purple. And it does not smell like roses or chocolate. If your waxing salon is using a wax that is not a natural color, there is a good chance that there is dye in their wax. If it smells like orange blossoms or peppermint, there is fragrance in it. Not all dyes and fragrances are bad for you, but if you can use a natural product, why wouldn’t you? It’s better for you and it’s better for the environment. Some national wax franchises use polymers (plastics basically) in their wax. Our wax does not contain polymers. Polymers are not natural and, in our opinion, wax containing polymers doesn't remove hair as effectively as wax made from natural ingredients.

more insider information:

Over the past few years the price of rosin has increased dramatically thus pushing the price of wax higher. Hard wax — the wax that doesn’t require the use of strips — can be recycled. Wax that is used with strips cannot be recycled as it cannot be removed from the strips. Given the dramatic increase in the price of rosin, some salons have started to re–use their wax. If you witness your waxing professional dispose of hard wax in a vessel other than the garbage can, there is a chance that the wax being used on you has been used on somebody else. We think that’s unhygienic. We never have and never will re–use our wax.