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frequently asked questions

here are some of the questions that we receive most often from our clients.

please don’t hesitate to call us with any other questions.

do you offer brazilian waxes?

Yes. Some people define a Brazilian bikini wax as removing ALL the hair from the bikini area, whereas other people define it as leaving a little hair on the front of the bikini. At maxwax, a Partial Sphinx Bikini removes a little or a lot of hair (you choose) from the labia area and does not include a Buttocks Strip. A Full Sphinx Bikini Wax removes a little or a lot of hair from the labia (you choose) and includes the Buttocks Strip. For more on our bikini waxes, see our bikini-waxing guide.

do you re-use wax?

Never. Never. Never. Hard wax is the only kind of wax that salons can re-use. Hard wax is usually yellow or green in color and does not require the use of strips. Because hard wax must be applied in a thick layer and is typically applied at least twice in order to remove all the hair, certain salons re-use it to save money. They melt the wax, strain out the hair, let the wax harden again and then melt it for re-use. One indication that a salon may be re-using their wax is the manner in which they dispose of it while you are being waxed. Watch for your waxing technician to throw the wax in a separate bin from the one into which she is throwing the trash. Another indication of wax re-use is fanfare about giving you your own pot of wax. Yes, it is your wax during your waxing session and somebody’s else wax next week. Get our drift? maxwax views re-using wax as un-hygienic and a possible public health hazard. If you suspect that a salon is re-using wax, we encourage you to discuss the issue with the State of New York or with your local council person.

will you trim my bikini?

No. The reason? Hygiene. Many salons use an electric buzzer to trim the bikini area. Guess what? There is NO WAY to sanitize an electric buzzer. You can’t submerge an electric buzzer in disinfectant (which is the only way to kill germs) as it will get wet and not work or electrocute somebody. What about scissors? Again, no. Scissors are used for trimming eyebrows. We sanitize all of our implements in hospital grade disinfectant, but still — do you really want a pair of scissors that has trimmed a bikini trimming the hair on your face? We didn’t think so. Our advice to you is to play it safe and buy a small pair of scissors or a little trimmer and trim at home.

should my waxer wear gloves?

Yes. Gloves are for your protection and for the protection of the waxing technician. All maxwax waxing technicians wear gloves for all services performed below the head. Our gloves are vinyl and powder free. No latex allowed.

What about double dipping?

We NEVER use a waxing stick twice. The stick is dipped into the wax ONE time and then disposed of.

will a "wax technician in training" perform my wax?

Not at maxwax. All our waxing technicians are licensed (as required by the State of New York) and have years and years of experience. No amateurs laying their hands on your unwanted hair. Salons are required to display the licenses of their waxing technicians. No licenses displayed? Think twice.

how often should i get waxed?

About every four weeks, or long enough for maxwax to be able to grab all of your hair with wax. As a general rule, hair should be between 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. You shouldn’t wait much more than six weeks between waxing, as the waxing procedure is more painful on longer hair. On the other hand, if you don’t wait long enough, we won’t be able to grab the desired amount of hair to give you a smooth, clean wax. If we determine that your hair is too short, we will suggest that you wait a bit longer before waxing.

do you offer "in-between" waxing services?

No. It is a waste of your money. Hair grows in cycles of three. As your hair grows out some hair will grow faster than other hair. Waxing between standard waxing sessions will remove some of your hair, but not all of it. A few days after your "in-between" waxing service, the hair that was too short to grab with wax will emerge, but the ones that we were able to grab won’t be long enough. This starts a cycle of what we call intentional staggered re-growth. We try to avoid this practice as it is a waste of your money and not the best practice for your skin. Our job is to remove your hair so we want you hairy!

when should I NOT get a wax?

You should avoid waxing if you have recently been exposed to the sun (naturally or in the tanning salon), will be exposed to the sun in the near future, have just exercised (including swimming) or if you are taking any medication that increases skin sensitivity. Your body temperature should be as close to normal as possible — not too hot please — we don’t want to apply hot wax to a hot body and not too cold as we don’t want the wax to cool as soon as it’s applied to your body.

what should i do right after i get a bikini wax?

A little hydrocortisone cream might do a bikini wax good. Loose clothing, no exercise for 24 hours and be wary of hanky panky right after waxing.

is there anything i should do between waxes?

Between waxes you should exfoliate — especially if you are prone to in-grown hairs. If you get an in-grown hair that is close to the surface, try to get the hair to come through the skin by soaking it with a wet, hot towel, and then pluck the hair. Also, our sugar scrub and sand soap are designed to help keep your skin "wax ready" between waxes. You should also keep your skin well moisturized.

do you offer test patches?

Absolutely. Complimentary. Try all three of our waxes, wait 24 hours and see how your skin reacts.

can another person accompany me in the waxing room?

We allow mothers to accompany their underage daughters in the waxing rooms. All others — including small children — must wait in the reception area.

do your bikini waxes include the area between the buttocks?

None of our bikini waxes, except for the Full Sphinx, include a Buttocks Strip wax. First, our menu is à la carte — meaning that you can mix and match to create the bikini that suits your individual taste. For example, some maxwax customers prefer a Goody-Two-Shoes Bikini (just along the panty line) and a Buttocks Strip, whereas others clients like to take it all off — from the front and the back. Second, we don’t think you should pay for something that you might not necessarily want or need. Not every client is interested in a Buttocks Strip wax or needs one every time they wax.

can i wax when i have my period?

Yes, as long as you are wearing a tampon. It will most likely be more painful, however. The BEST time to wax is mid-cycle — right around the time that ovulation occurs.

what’s the difference between an eyebrow cleaning and an eyebrow shaping?

An eyebrow cleaning removes hair from above, below, and between the eyebrows, but doesn’t alter the shape of your natural brow. An eyebrow shaping changes the shape of your brow to compliment the shape of your face; an eyebrow shaping typically requires putting some degree of an arch in the brow.

do you offer waxing services for men?

Yes, we offer a full-service menu for men, from eyebrows to bikinis.