laser hair removal has arrived

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gift certificates

For that hairy friend, you may want to give the gift of a wax in the form of a maxwax gift certificate. Good for a year from the date of purchase, our gift certificates are available in both dollar denominations and in the form of services. For ideas, please check out our menus for women or men.

skin-care products

maxwax hibiscus cranberry sugar scrub

Hand-made and exclusively ours, we take sugar which serves double duty as an exfoliant and an anti-inflammatory and mix it with hibiscus to help calm the skin, cranberry seeds for an extra exfoliating boost and shea butter to keep the skin soft.  Best used before getting into the shower (please avoid your eyes), this scrub turns into a lotion when it hits the water leaving your skin amazingly soft. And the smell? Yummy. Our scrub sells for $22.

maxwax tea tree oil

Our technicians swear by this stuff and use it as a post-waxing treatment to calm, cleanse and moisturize the skin. maxwax tea tree oil is also great for those of you who shave and works wonders as a massage oil.  This product retails for $15.

tend skin

We’re proud to offer Tend Skin, which helps in reducing redness after a wax and assists in the prevention of in-grown hairs. Depending on your hair and skin type, we suggest that you use it three days before you wax and three days after. If you have a persistent problem with in-grown hairs, you may opt to use it every day — again depending on your hair and skin type. Tend Skin retails at $20.